Hiring for teaching roles? Find out the average UK teacher salary

Before you start recruiting for a new teaching position, it’s first important to have a thorough understanding of the salary brackets for each role in the United Kingdom, to make sure that your offer is competitive and compelling to candidates.

Randstad has been helping connect schools, colleges and universities with first-class teachers and support staff for more than 20 years, so we’ve got a wealth of experience in finding great matches for those in the education system.

To make sure you’re securing the best talent in the market, arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make appropriate salary offers to teaching candidates.


Whether teaching in primary or secondary schools, teachers spend their time educating children, either in a specific discipline or across subjects.

The average starting salary in teaching is approximately £22,900 a year.

After gaining some years of experience, school teachers can earn up to £64,000 per year in London and £56,000 a year outside of England’s capital. 

If teachers opt to move up to the most senior role of headteacher, salaries can see variations between £42,379 and £112,000 per annum.

For more specific school teacher salary information, tailored to the role you are hiring for, input the position’s details into our dedicated salary calculator.

Teaching assistants

Teaching assistants work alongside teachers, providing invaluable support in-class and in pre-/post-class preparation. They give additional guidance to pupils who need extra help and are often instrumental in preparing lessons with teachers.

With three – five years’ teaching assistant experience, candidates can expect an average salary of £29,020. The lower quarter average salary for these roles sits at £25,550, and the upper quarter average at £31,100.

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