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full-time site manager can expect to be paid an annual salary of between £35,000 and £43,000. Those who are employed in London have the highest chance of securing the most well-paid positions, whereas those in the north-eastern parts of England tend to be paid closer towards the starting rate.

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What does a site manager do?

site manager is responsible for construction projects and supervising construction site works to ensure that everything is running smoothly and on time. A site manager will be the main person of contact on site.

Site managers can expect a standard 40-hour working week when employed during a project, but this will often require evening and/or weekend work to fulfil the needs of the project.

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What influences site manager salaries?

Aside from location, site managers paid more are typically those with a greater amount of experience – in terms of both number and variety of sites managed. That said, becoming highly specialised in one area of expertise can be a good way of increasing wages.

Skills that matter to site manager salaries include things like commercial knowledge and awareness, communication, decision-making and the ability to motivate others. Technical knowledge is also crucial, on topics such as building regulations and methods – any area of expertise that they are directly managing.

These skills can be increased with training, whether that’s a general qualification in the site-management field or on specific types of equipment, sites or challenges.

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