Being a teacher is often considered to be one of the most satisfying professions around. But teaching may not be for everyone, since being good at this job comes with certain qualities one must possess. From English teachers to science teachers, we’ve rounded up the top 5 characteristics of a good teacher.

Characteristics of a good teacher.

1. Patient and approachable.  

They say that ‘patience is a virtue’, and this couldn’t be more true for teachers. Dealing with youngsters can be a tricky task so being approachable is a must. Students should feel comfortable talking to their teacher openly and honestly – especially if they are struggling with school work. It’s also vital that a teacher is patient enough to listen and understand what the student is going through, as often is the case  that a specific tactic is required for each issue.

Dealing with a large classroom will also require patience. A younger group of students may be slightly more difficult to manage, and exercising patience and friendliness will be the best way to tackle the situation.

2. Enthusiastic.

There’s no point in doing anything if you plan on doing it half-heartedly. A great teacher loves their job and everything about it. This is especially important for students, as feeling a sense of enthusiasm from their teacher will inspire them to learn and apply themselves better. Positivity breeds positivity, so it’s crucial to create a happy environment for young people to thrive in.

A teacher that emits enthusiasm will also be embraced by parents. Giving parents the sense that their child is being taught by someone that loves what they do is a huge bonus. It also instils trust and gives confidence that the school employs great staff as well.

3. Strong communication skills. 

The ability to articulate thoughts and ideas is an absolute must if you’re looking to become an educator. But this isn’t reserved just for teaching coursework. Possessing this quality is also necessary when speaking to parents about their children.

Teachers will often be faced with the task of explaining to a parent that their child needs extra support with their coursework. Or sometimes a child might be misbehaving, and news of this must be broken to the parents. Being a good communicator means delivering this information in a clear and constructive manner.

4. Strong knowledge and a solid education.

If you’re thinking of becoming a teacher you really need to know your stuff. It doesn’t matter if you’re a maths teacher or a primary teacher, it’s essential that you have a certain level of education. Possessing knowledge on a topic means being equipped, at all times, to answer any questions that come your way – and as a teacher there will be questions, you can be sure of that!

Knowing the topic you teach also means gaining respect. Colleagues and parents will know that you’re more than qualified to be an educator, and will rest assured that your students are in safe hands.

5. Disciplined and professional.

Believing in discipline is important in all professions. But for teaching, it’s vital. As a teacher, your responsibilities are quite diverse – from curriculum and teaching methods to managing classrooms and colleagues.

Professionalism must be at the forefront of everything a teacher does, inside and outside of the classroom. Gaining respect and acknowledgement from students and co-workers is crucial for a healthy work-life balance. Professionalism also means being composed when having to make tough decisions and knowing when to draw the line when it comes to the student – teacher relationship.