what we offer

We offer flexible services to ensure that we are able to meet the specific needs of your institution, your staff and your students. These services include:


OPUS Timesheet and Invoicing Service

This service allows the university retain its own in-house staff and the management of support but provides the university with the facility for electronic timesheets and automated invoicing.

Support Worker Service

Our Support Worker Service gives the university the opportunity to retain control of the management of support but entrusts Randstad with the responsibility of recruiting and employing staff, as well as providing access to the OPUS system.

Student & Support Worker Service

The Student & Support Worker Service allows universities to fully outsource the provision of support to students with disabilities, including the recruitment and employment of Support Workers and the ongoing scheduling, management and review of support.


  • Creates greater speed, control and transparency in the provision of support
  • Allows the university to focus on other support related activities 
  • Reduces the administrative burden on internal departments 
  • Quick access to a large pool of support workers 
  • Helps to detect and identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in support delivery 
  • Reduced administration in processing timesheets
  • Improved cash flow through our monthly electronic invoicing
  • Adherence to all process requirements set out in the Quality Assurance Framework
  • The ability to budget and forecast accurately through detailed management information
  • Improved visibility over the effectiveness and impact of support 
  • A clear audit trail of all support that takes place