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you’re a big fish in a little pond.

When you work with a Randstad you are automatically in a select list. If you match the qualifications of a job our recruiters are working on, you’ll be then put into a carefully curated list of candidates. Now your 1 in 1000 selection becomes more like 1 in 10 depending on the job role. For businesses, they get a select list of hand-picked candidates and workers are in a better position to stand out and be put forward for a job by being able to promote themselves to the recruiter with a human conversation.

it’s all about who you know.

A Randstad recruiter will know the business they hire for personally. When you send across your CV and you get to speak to a recruiter let them be your cheerleader. After a conversation to explain what you want and what you can offer it’s their job to sell you to the business.

Our recruitment experts have a ton of industry contacts and will know lots of hiring managers who work within your field.  If you don’t get the first position you are interviewed for, your recruiter will likely have a few more in mind or know of some upcoming that they can keep in touch for, so it’s worth leaving your contact details. 

we want you to get hired. 

Our aim is to get you hired and we will do everything to make that happen. Training, coaching, run-throughs of interview questions are all part of the process to ensure you are right for the role and we can sell you to the client.

our services are free to you.

To job seekers, using a recruitment agency, like Randstad is free and the placement fees are paid to us by the company who hires you. So you can use our services for strategic career guidance, history on the company, detailed resume analysis, and suggestions on navigating the interview process.

a recruiter is a specialist in your industry.

Using a recruiter is a link between you and future employers that you can influence by sharing all the skills you have, especially the ones you cannot write down on paper. A recruiter can get a feeling of who you are from a conversation and can relay that to the person meeting you to connect the dots between your work experience and the open job, teeing you up for success.

enhancing your interview skills. 

Our recruitment experts act as ‘inside-person’ to the business or industry you want to apply for. We can provide you with specific tips and advice, tailored to the business as we know how the industry operates. Often this prior knowledge can enhance your application or interview simply by knowing how to speak to your potential interviewer armed with some facts or figures.  

get the jobs no one else knows about.

We will have access to some jobs that aren’t available anywhere else. Or early access to jobs that a business wants a specific person for that you may just meet the requirements for. 

stay confidential.

In a world of social media, it’s not hard to imagine that your current employer could discover you are actively looking for a new job if you’ve posted your CV to every job board on the web. Using a recruitment agency like Randstad we will keep your details confidential from your current employer without the need to spread your CV across the web whilst still providing you with the best opportunities. 

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