The outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented number of people in the United Kingdom working from home.

The British public has mixed views on whether they are enjoying the break from the office or if they find it to be unproductive. If you love the freedom of working from home and are dreading the eventual return back to your regular '9 to 5', we have remote working jobs just for you! 

Here are five jobs that you can do from home: 

  1. Sales executive
  2. Marketing executive
  3. Junior DevOps
  4. Estimator
  5. Mechanical design engineer

Sales executive jobs.

To have a successful work-from-home sales career, you just need access to a phone, laptop/desktop and excellent internet connection. Most businesses rely on a hungry and successful sales team to close deals and win the new business they require for survival. Sales executives play a key role in this dynamic, working hard to deliver on personal and team sales targets, which propel the company towards its overall aims.

People in these positions need to be confident in themselves, their own abilities to sell, and the products that they are selling. They also need a thorough understanding of the needs of their customers, and an ability to improvise and adapt to different situations and challenges.

Marketing executive jobs.

Marketing executive's key responsibilities usually focus on developing and overseeing marketing campaigns which promote products or services. In simple terms, marketing executives are responsible for spreading the word about a company's product or service as widely as possible. Marketing can involve a wide range of skills including analytical, creative, administrative, digital and commercial. They will more than likely be working closely with other teams in your business such as sales, advertising and product development. 

Junior DevOps engineer jobs.

DevOps engineers are IT professionals who work closely with system operators, software developers and other IT professionals to manage code releases. They bridge the gap between developers and IT staff. DevOps have to be highly organised and motivated as a key part of this job role is releasing code, getting feedback and making amends very quickly. 

Estimator jobs.

Another interesting job choice for those looking to cut out the daily commute for the long-term. Estimators are responsible for providing estimations of how much a project will cost for a client or potential client. They will do this by researching costs such as materials, labour and equipment and creating budgets for the project. 

Mechanical design engineer jobs.

Mechanical design engineers create, develop and test machines, products and tools to ensure maximum reliability and performance. They are also responsible for the support of the development of new products and improvements to relevant manufacturing processes. To become a mechanical design engineer you will need to complete a degree in mechanical engineering.

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