getting the balance right do primary teachers work too hard?

Teachers are under pressure. Increased workloads, draining hours and a lop-sided work-life balance meant more than half of teachers considered leaving the classroom altogether last year. Add to that the stress of the job and it's hardly surprising a Randstad survey of 1,500 teachers found 51% had thought about ending their teaching careers in the past 12 months. But as the below infographic shows, there are also positive signs.

90% of primary school teachers find job satisfaction, yet 4 out of 10 suffer from work-related stress

An infographic looking at why primary teachers are feeling the pressure and suffering from stress

Long hours, regular sacrifices and pressure to work out of hours: yet 80% of primary school teachers cope well with the demands

An infographic looking at how work commitments are impacting on primary teachers work-life balance

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